Increasing Sales Volume on Facebook Ads by a Staggering 930% - Premium Fashion Brand



Our client is a Premium Fashion retailer with pieces that sell for up to $26,000. Sales went down considerably during the pandemic. as people were much more tight with their finances.


The client presented a unique challenge, as their account had a considerable dip in performance after the UK was hit by the pandemic. However, after doing some research, we noticed that our competition's were always completely gone from the Digital Marketing landscape. One of the reasons of the low performance was that Facebook (and Google) were optimizing for conversions and target CPAs, which brought higher CPM, since the platforms' data was based on pre-pandemic levels. Our first action was to shift the campaigns to target CPM, as well as deploy our usual research & optimization mechanisms (3 campaigns, 3 ad groups and 3 creatives for every $300/week). With the new A/B testing set in place, it took as roughly 5 weeks to find a new optimal audience and go back to high level of performance. Reducing the CPM from $50 to $10 was one of keys to success in turning the campaigns profitable again.

- Sales Up From $25,000 to $200,000 a Month
- CPM Down From $50 to $10, Increasing Organic Results as well.

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Scaling a Business Using Alternative Advertising Platforms (no Google, Facebook, etc...)

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  • Use of (relatively) Less-Known Platforms such as Verizon, Outbrain and Taboola
  • Cross-Channel A/B Testing
  • Massive Decrease in Cost (Lower Pricing than Google or Facebook)
  • Smart Use of Multiple Funnels
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