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Our Client is a Thailand-based company who breached the US Market of Washable Kids Covid-19 Masks thanks to their competitive product and their advanced Digital Marketing knowledge. However, due to changes in regulations as well as market saturation, sales went very close to $0 and ROAS down to 0.6. Our challenge was to bring back a high volume of sales in time for the new school season.


Due to the time restraints, we skipped the market research part of our onboarding process and focused on worked best for our past customers, as well as the client's past Digital Marketing campaigns. We immediately launched a keyword-based campaign focused on the top 30 exact match keywords in the industry, as well as creating a detailed audience segmentation on the client's website and launch aggressive Youtube based Retargeting campaigns. We focused on the States with the tightest mask wearing regulations first, and used 1% Lookalike audiences to breach other markets. Thanks to the client's extensive video library and our targeting decision, even our Youtube Ads performed so well that we had ROAS-positive Video campaigns targeting new users within Days.


- $30,000/day Revenue reached after 30 days. 
- ROAS never below 3.x

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