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Our client is an automotive dealership who was struggling to scale its business because of the Google Ads' competition ($5 average CPC), as well as the lack of organic results impacting the reach of long tail keywords.


Business often need to give up a large portion of their margin in order to advertise their business and stay ahead of the competition. This is often gets worse over time, as good results attract competition, which in turns increases the cost of advertising even more. At Lean Marketing, we combine Paid Advertising with more traditional Cold Outreach, such as E-Mail Prospecting, LinkedIn Outreach, etc... The main benefits of these tools is that they exist outside of the Advertising auctions and - generally - are not as much affected by the competition. By deploying this kind of Outreach, we were able to drive close to the same amount of engaged users, as well as increase organic results, at 7% the cost of Google Ads. This allowed the client to drive double the amount of sales through Retargeting Programs and EDM Marketing without overspending. In the screenshot on the right, we compare the amount and quality of traffic between a $1,000 LeanMarketing Outreach and a $16,000+/month Google Ads Account.

- Reduced Advertising cost by 93.75%
- Doubled Reach and Results from Advertising

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