Scaling a DeFi Gaming Platform with Display Advertising & Social Media



Our client is a major DeFi Gaming Platform which quickly raised a key player in the industry. However - due to the strict advertising rules around Crypto and Decentralized Finance - Paid User Acquisition was a major problem, as platforms such as Google, Facebook and even Twitter are off limits.


Due to the strict limitations around Crypto and DeFi Marketing, we had to go back to the roots of online Advertising and tailor laser-focused Contextual Display Campaigns across the web.
In cases such as this one, hitting the right messaging is the most important thing to work on. After extensive A/B testing, we found one offer and three key visuals that resonated within the target audience. When the campaigns hit the right CPAs, we manage to scale using a whitelist of premium Crypto & DeFi publishers, as well as extensive use of Reddit and other Social Media Platforms. Scaling allowed us to further reduce the CPA and increase the market share of our client.

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  • Advertising on Crypto Websites (such as CoinMarketCap)
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Proper Testing of Multiple Creatives and Messaging
  • Cross-Channel Strategy and Advertising Setup
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