Crypto - Increasing a Token Market Value and Market Cap



Scaling the Market Value and Market Cap of a relatively new Crypto Token (before advertising on Google Ads or Facebook Ads was possible).


The main challenge when advertising Crypto is that most businesses will be rejected by Google Ads and Facebook Ads. DO NOT trust companies that claim to be able to get your ads approved. No company has special avenues of access to advertising Crypto. Our first action was to create top-quality graphics and messaging to make sure that our ads had the best change of hooking users on the first impressions. Our final numbers were 3%+ CTR and 14% Conversion Rate on Wallet Connection on the first click. Without high numbers such as these, you will struggle hitting good CPAs. Secondly we tested multiple Ad Networks and Landing Pages, as well as deploy Retargeting on the most engaged users. As we explained in other case studies, no two businesses are the same. Therefore, we always strongly recommend to test multiple Landing Pages, as you may be surprised seeing the dramatic changes between one page and another.

- $400,000+ sales/month
- Massive cost saving by not relying on Google Ads or Facebook Ads entirely.

Marketing for Crypto

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We sold $70M in the past year.

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  • Smart Of Use of Observation audiences
  • How to Follow News Channels and Predict Market Trends
  • How to Optimize Across Multiple Countries & Continents
  • How to Stay Afloat in a Rapidly Changing Market
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