Advertising for a Travel Agency during the Pandemic



Advertising for travel agency during Lockdowns and other Travel Restrictions, which heavily impact the performance of all Digital Marketing campaigns


This is one case when using any Advertising Platforms automatic conversion algorithm, Target CPA or other forms of machine learning optimization  is the wrong idea, as campaigns' results may change dramatically from one day to the other, reducing the effectiveness of machine learning.
Your best friends in this case are: Observation Audiences, Travel News Articles and A/B Testing. Observation Audiences allow Google Ads to monitor what results you would have had if you advertised to a different audience (countries in this case). This allows you to follow which countries reopened and would drive conversions. Following news articles allow you to target the correct Observation Audiences in advance for testing. In our case, both Asia, America and Europe were successful at difference times of the year. 

- $500,000+ sales/month
- No impact before/during the Lockdowns.

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