Our Recent Results

Kids Masks E-commerce

Read how we scaled a US-based E-commerce from ~$700 to $30,000 a day while increasing ROAS

Sportswear Store

Find out what results we achieved within 1 month of advertising for a Sportwear Store using Facebook Ads

Gaming Platform

Learn how to scale a business without the use of traditional ad platforms such as Google, Facebook or Twitter

Health Clinic

See how we increase sales 20% month over month for a clinic franchise. We used 15 different media approaches  


Premium Fashion Brand

Read how we increased Sales Volume on Facebook Ads by a Staggering 930% for high ticket products sell for up to $26,000.

Travel Agency 

Learn our strategy and results during Lockdowns and other Travel Restrictions, which heavily impact the performance of all Digital Marketing campaigns.

Automotive Franchise

Check the strategy we used to scale Local Business - Automotive Franchise - Reducing cost by 90% and Increase Reach and Results.

Decentralized App

See how we Achieved $400,000+ sales/month
- Massive cost saving by not relying on Google Ads or Facebook Ads entirely.

Your Sales Revenue!

Leverage 10+ Years of Success in Digital Marketing to Achieve the Maximum Results.
We sold $70M in the past year.

More Info

We will need Access to your advertising account (such as Google Ads), as well as your Analytics platform. If you do not have any, we can set them up for you. We generally launch the first campaign within 48-72 hours. If we need more time, we will tell you before you pay.

If you are not satisfied of the results during the first 30 days. You can stop at any time, we will charge only on the budget spend up until the campaigns are live 

We accept bank transfers and PayPal 

Campaigns generally take between 48 to 72 hours to go live. It might take up to 7 days in specific circumstances, but we will tell you beforehand.

Yes, we perform extensive A/B Testing in order to give you the best results. However, we do not require long term contracts because we are confident you will see positive change immediately.

We have specialized in all major platforms and campaign formats, from Search to Video and from Google Ads to MicrosoftAds, FB, Twitter and Reddit. 

We can give you access to your accounts so that you can see what we are doing, how much we are spending and what results we get in real time. 

About Us

There’s strength in our numbers. A unique blend with equally impressive experience, our team of over 20 individuals is built up of ‘go-to’ techies, expert specialists & top notch client services – all who drive results for you.